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About the NWST...

The Northwest Senior Tour, a membership owned organization, was formed in 1990 to provide scratch tournaments for senior bowlers. Each season, approximately 12 tournaments are held from August through May. These tournaments are located throughout the Willamette Valley, the north Oregon coast, and southern Washington.


Men must have reached their 50th birthday by the last day of the tournament season. Women must have reached their 40th birthday by the same date Tournaments are sanctioned, requiring all participants be members of the USBC To be eligible for the Tour Championship, a bowler has to have bowled a minimum of 5 tournaments during the current season.


The annual membership fee is $40. Guest fees are $10 per tournament. After bowling four times in a season as a guest, the bowler automatically becomes a member. If a guest cashes in a tournament, the balance of dues owed is deducted from the winnings and they become a member of the NWST.

Normal tournament entry fees are $130. Some tournaments will have higher fees if more games are bowled.


Throughout the year several tournament formats are provided. Click on the Formats tab to view format details Singles

  • Singles
  • Open Doubles
  • 40-50-60 Trio Swiss
  • 90+ Open Doubles
  • NW Senior Masters
  • Tour Championship

Typically, the top 1/3 of the qualifying round will be eligible to compete in the finals The format for finals competition will be based on the tournament type and number of bowlers participating


A bowling shirt with your name on the back is required Men must wear Docker like slacks (no jeans or shorts) Women may wear a skirt or slacks


100% of the prize fund is returned with Five dollars from each entry going towards the Tour Championship. Women bowlers are eligible to receive a Women Bowler check based on a 1:3 ratio of women bowling. Bowlers 60 to 65 are eligible to receive a Super Senior check based on a 1:3 ratio of Super Seniors bowling, bowlers 66 and older are eligible to receive a Super Senior + check based on a 1:3 ratio of bowlers in this category Women, Super Senior and Super Senior+ bowlers qualifying for the finals will not receive this payout. All monies remaining after normal operating costs, is returned to the membership in the prize funds


Adjustments to this information may be made during a tournament season, some requiring a vote by the membership. Check the Schedule page for information about each tournament.


  • SINGLES: Individual competition. Normally, 6 games of scratch qualifying followed by 4 games of match play for qualifiers.

  • OPEN DOUBLES: A senior player with an adult USBC member of any age or gender as partner. 6 games of qualifying followed by 4 games of match play for qualifiers. Field limited to 50 teams.

  • 40-50-60 TRIO SWISS: A trio team made up of at least one player over 40, one over 50 and one over 60. Competition is SWISS format with 8 games bowled in one day. A minimum of one team member must be a member of the NWST. Field limited to 16 teams.

  • 90+ OPEN DOUBLES: One player must be a senior and the other team member can be any adult USBC member that gives the team a minimum of 90 years of age between the two players. Two days of SWISS competition with 6 games bowled each day. Field limited to 48 teams.

  • NW SENIOR MASTERS: Singles tournament with 8 games of qualifying on Saturday. The top 16 bowlers from qualifying will return on Sunday for double elimination, 2 game match play.
  • TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP: Singles tournament with 8 games of qualifying on Saturday. Top 12 bowlers return Sunday for 12 games of round robin match play.


  • BONUS POINTS: In singles a win in match play gets you 30 bonus pins added to your score. Tie is 15. Other formats have different points.

  • SWISS: A Swiss tournament is match play every game according to the standing of each team. Every game the team in 1st bowls the team in 2nd, the team in 3rd bowls the team in 4th and so on. Standings are determined by points or by pins depending on the particular tournament.

  • SENIOR: A male bowler that is 50 - 59 on or before the last date of the current season. A female bower that is 40 or older on or before the last date of the current season.

  • SUPER SENIOR: A male bowler that is 60 to 64 on or before the day of the event. A female bowler that is 50 to 57 on or before the day of the event.

  • SUPER SENIOR+: A male bowler that is 65 or older on or before the day of the event. A female bowler that is 58 or older on or before the day of the event.


Board of Directors 2023-2024:

  • Steve Michaliszyn
  • Eric Parker
  • Mike Polinsky
  • Michael Kennedy
  • Shawn Copeland
  • Trent Zabelle
  • Tour Championship Champ
  • Open Doubles Champs
  • 90  Doubles Champs April 2017
  • Westside Lanes, April, 2017
  • Linn Lanes, February, 2017
  • Bowlero Lanes, February, 2017
  • Triangle Bowl, February, 2017
  • Milwaukie Bowl, January, 2017
  • Hazel Dell, January, 2017
  • Kellogg Bowl, November, 2016
  • Tigard Bowl, November, 2016
  • Lower Columbia, October, 2016
  • BI-MART Open, October, 2016
  • KingPins, September, 2016
  • Sunset Lanes, August. 2016
  • Tour Championship, May, 2016
  • Kellogg Bowl, May, 2016
  • BI-MART Doubles, April, 2016
  • Westside Lanes, April, 2016
  • Linn Lanes, March, 2016
  • Northwest Senior Masters - 2016
  • Senior - Super Senior - Super Senior + January 2016
  • Open Doubles, November 2015
  • Puget Sound Classic, November 2015
  • SS - SS+ Doubles, November 2015
  • Budweiser Classic, October 2015
  • BI-MART Open, September 2015
  • 50 - 60 Doubles, September, 2015
  • Tour Championship, May 2015
  • 40-50-60 Trio SWISS, May 2015
  • BI-MART 90+ Doubles, April, 2015
  • Olympia Senior Open, March, 2015
  • Linn Lanes Senior Classic, March, 2015
  • NW Senior Masters, February, 2015
  • Senior - Super Senior - Super Senior+, January, 2015
  • Hazel Dell, January, 2015
  • Molalla Senior Open, 2014
  • Hammer Open Doubles, November, 2014
  • Super Senior - Super Senior+, November, 2014
  • Budweiser Classic, October, 2014
  • Emerald Lanes, Septermber, 2014
  • 50 / 60+ Doubles, September, 2014
  • Custom Fit Pro Shop Open - August, 2014 - Top Three
  • 2013 - 2014 NWST All Stars
  • 2014 Oregon State USBC Hall of Fame Inductees

Support the sponsors of NWST tournaments....

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Larry's Pro Shop
Larry's Pro Shop

Lovely Tire & Wheel Company

H&R Block
H&R Block sponsors the 90+ doubles at Walnut City Lanes in McMinnville, OR in September


Clatsop Distributing sponsors the Budweiser Classic at Lower Columbia Bowl in October

General Distributors
General Distributors sponsors the Tour Championship in May through thier Coors Light product

Hammer is an overall sponsor for the NWST

Dick's Pro Shop sponsors our March tournament at Linn Lanes in Lebanon

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